As hostels are meant for global travellers, any residents of Washington State must email before booking to keep a valid reservation.

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  1. Our GREEN Hostel (page under construction)
  2. Toilets are 1. Gallon low flo. ( with 24 toilets thats saving water! )
  3. Toilet paper and paper towels are recycled from a paperplant in our state .
  4. Our cleaning supplies are "Sustainable Earth" Safe green non-toxic cleaner.
  5. We use compact fluoresents through the entire hostel.
  6. Kitchen tiles are recycled glass soda bottles from Bedrock recyclers in seattle.
  7. Our beautiful reception desk is made of recycled chipped pallet wood.
  8. Our tables were our original doors - reused.
  9. We rent bikes and ride ourselves.
  10. We are Gardening on our roof.
  11. We collect rain water for our plants.
  12. We compost back into our earth box.
  13. We are budding aquaponic farmers ( see our science page)
  14. Our goal is a "paperless office".
  15. We do simple conservation tasks, i.e. turning off heat during the day.
  16. We recycle properly.
  17. Projects continuing through and starting Spring 2011 .Email for questions or you would like to be involved during your visit.
  18. We have egg laying chickens!!!
  19. Honey Bees on the way!
Enter as Strangers , Leave as Friends...

 C I T Y  H O S T E L  S E A T T L E

2327 2ND AVE .
Phone: 1. 206. 706-3255  (Toll free 1-8 7 7 8 -H O S T E L)
Email:[email protected]


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