We are looking for some GREAT work-for-your-stay staff , We look for a minimum 8 week commitment. If you are VERY friendly and hard working please send a resume with your Facebook address to or email, and we will check it out (don't forget your e-mail w a phone number)! If you have Hostel experience let us know.If you do not give us ALL INFO we ask for ,we will pass on your inquiry.    We look forward to hearing from you.*

WORK TRADE = 24 hrs per week

*We are looking for GREAT Front Desk Ambassadors for Summer and some great positive cleaners!


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 C I T Y  H O S T E L  S E A T T L E

2327 2ND AVE .
Phone: 1. 206. 706-3255  (Toll free 1-8 7 7 8 -H O S T E L)
Email:[email protected]


1 - 8 7 7 8- h o s t e l




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